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The term Rafal is located in the heart of the Vega Baja, on the left bank of the River Segura and about 50 km south of Alicante, the capital of the province.

Surrounded entirely by lands of Orihuela, the term has an area of ​​only 1.6 km, and a population of approximately 4200 inhabitants in 2010, so it knows a high population density.

The best access from Alicante or Murcia is through the A-7, linking with the CV-900. Its situation facilitates the communication by means of local roads and comarcales with the rest of neighboring towns and with the Mediterranean coast.

The height with respect to the level of the sea is of 25 meters. The temperatures are of Mediterranean character, with little rains, hot summers and mild winters, where to enjoy the sun is a guarantee most of the year.

As part of the Vega del Segura, it is a level and fertile land, widely cultivated, especially vegetables and citrus, and with a high degree of minifundismo.

Rafaleño / a is the gentilicio applied to our people. The shield of the population is that of the Marquis of Rafal.