Greets the mayor

Maintaining this tool of communication with the population has the advantage of putting to the service of the neighbor all the necessary information to try to eliminate the difficulties that can find in their efforts. It is important that our population is aware of the importance of consulting this environment assiduously. Also, we intend to make this website a window for people who do not know us and we must leave our good work, so that they do not forget to visit Rafal, if the occasion arises. With it we open the doors of our locality to the world, through a series of pages where we show the cultural and gastronomic offer. Our town encloses its walls with music and tradition. But what I want to emphasize above all is the warmth of its people, of my people, of the Rafaleños. Rafal is located in a privileged place of the huerta of the Vega Baja of the river Segura, near the sea (to only 30 km), near the mountain (Mountain of Callosa, Mountain range of Orihuela and Mountain range of Benejuzar), near cities Monumental as Orihuela, near Alicante and Murcia, approximately 50 km from each one. This makes Rafal an appealing place for the visitor, with multiple services being a quiet village. I invite everyone, neighbors and outsiders, to use this medium of knowledge, wherever you are, hoping to be an incentive for a next visit. An affectionate greeting.

Manuel Pineda Cuenca