Typical Recipes

In Rafal, traditional dishes made with products extracted directly from the garden are tasted. Vegetables and vegetables become the main ingredients of our cuisine. Thus, we can satiate the palate with a dish of “clarico rice”, “widow pot”, “rice of waking”, “rice of vegetables” or “stew of cod”. We can not forget at the table of a rafaleño a good salad, whether it be lysones, celery and endive, summer salad with pepper, onion and eggplant roasted, or any other that contains artichoke as a prominent ingredient. Other worthy dishes in which the meat charges are “cooked with balls”, “rice with rabbit”, “rice with crust”, “duck stew”, etc. Our gastronomy is enriched with traditional desserts and sweets: almonds, butter, pasta flora, climbing cakes and La Mancha at Christmas. In Easter, the typical monas (with egg or without egg), paparajotes, fritters, etc. And throughout the year we can enjoy delicious lunch, the tasty almond tart, or a good dish of rice with milk scented and enriched with a sprig of cinnamon and lemon skin.