966752267 - Plaza de España, 1, 03369 Rafal

Employment and Local Development Agency

The Employment and Local Development Agency of Rafal is located in the building of the Town Hall, Plaza de España, 1.

Opening hours: from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Contact phone number: 966 75 22 67.

E-mail: adl@rafal.es


From the Local Development Agency taking into account the potentialities and promoting a balanced development in the local productive systems we propose as general objectives the following:

  • Establish an articulated network that makes possible the development actions in all the areas that compose it: social, educational / formative, economic environmental ecology.
  • Adapt the resources to the characteristics of the municipality.
  • Mobilize endogenous resources that have not been used before.
  • To promote the social integration of the most disadvantaged sectors.
  • Promote the creation of employment, with special emphasis on the most disadvantaged groups: youth, women, population.
  • Empower social economy societies as a means of development.
  • Create attitudes of solidarity, participation and commitment of the community in the field of local development.
  • Promote business development. Facilitate the development of economic activities, with the following increase of wealth and indirect support to the generation of employment.



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