In Rafal you can enjoy various sports:

VOLLEYBALL: Directed mainly to the female sector of Rafal. Although it can also be done for the male sector, if there are people interested, or even perform it mixed.

MULTIDEPORTE: Directed in particular to the children’s sector, which would cover approx. In the age range from 6 to 14 years. In this area can be collected all sports of the Olympic Games, as well as less common sports disciplines (ultimate, lacrosse, juggling …). This will include traditional games (Pillar, handkerchief …) and activities with recyclable materials (bottles, cans …).

PROGRAM OF BRIDGE IN A WAY OR HEALTHY LIFE: This section would be directed mainly to all the neighbors of the village in unemployment and also to the housewives, but also to all those who want to realize healthy sport. Training programs would be developed to get in shape, through exercises of strength, balance, elasticity and cardiovascular above all.

ORGANIZATION OF LEAGUES AND CHAMPIONSHIPS: Directed especially to the adolescents. It would try to organize championships or leagues of different sports (football hall, fronton, handball, basketball, volleyball …).

ADVENTURE SPORTS ORGANIZATION: Aimed at all those rafaleños who want to carry out adventure sports in nature, such as hiking, canyoning, canoeing, paintball, speleology … Scheduled excursions to carry out these sports.

GYMNASTICS MAINTENANCE: Directed especially to the elderly. It will work with soft exercises of strength, cardiovascular endurance, elasticity, balance, postural hygiene …



Department of Sports

Plaza of Spain, 1
03369 Rafal
Tel: 966 75 22 67
Fax: 966 75 25 72

Mobile: 625045354 – 638046893