Faster mobile connections and better coverage reach Rafal with the new 4G

Mobile operators start offering Rafal 4G services in the 800MHz band
The new technology will enable rafaleños to enjoy high-speed mobile data services, improve indoor coverage of buildings and expand the geographic reach
Llega800 is the entity responsible for ensuring the compatibility of this 4G service with DTT in the 800MHz band.
Mobile operators Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange will begin offering services in the Rafal 4G network in the 800MHz band, which will allow the rafaleños to enjoy high-speed mobile connections over LTE (4G) technology with better coverage In the interior of the buildings and greater geographical extension. In order to guarantee the compatibility of the new technology with Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), operators have launched Llega800, an entity responsible for solving any problems in the reception of the television signal.

With the arrival of the new 4G Rafal continues the implementation process that has been taking place gradually throughout the country since last July and will culminate in March 2018, scheduled for full deployment of the technology. To verify the localities where these services are already active the following link can be consulted:

The 4G deployment is in line with those established in Royal Decree 805/2014 of 19 September, 1 April 2015, in which the frequencies between 790 and 862 MHz were released (channels 61 to 69 of UHF), which until then were used for the reception of Digital Terrestrial Television, a process also known as Digital Dividend. Thereafter, these frequencies were assigned to the mobile operators to provide their 4G mobile services.

Main advantages: more and better coverage

With the 4G network, the door has been opened to innovative services and applications, as well as providing significant improvements in the speed of downloading, as well as sending data – photos, music or high-definition audiovisual contents – or to make the most of Online applications such as video games.

“This advanced mobile phone network introduces two fundamental improvements. The first advantage is that it solves many problems related to complicated orography where traditionally coverage failed. Its other notable advantage is the great penetration in interior zones of the buildings “explains Daniel Espín, spokesman of Llega800.

The new generation of 4G technology also facilitates the introduction of new services in the business and public administration areas, such as mobile applications with high multimedia content or the use of video calls, among others.

In addition, the greater coverage that reaches the 4G in the band of 800MHz will improve the service inside the buildings and will be the band that allows to extend geographically the service of efficient form.

To ensure compatibility

Llega800 is the managing entity in charge of offering the services that will guarantee the compatibility between the start of the emission of the 4G in the 800 MHz band and the reception of the DTT service.

To guarantee this compatibility, Llega800 provides citizens with a series of free services that include, on the one hand, a previous action, thanks to which citizens who live in areas of greater affection will receive a communication at home that will inform them that From that moment on they will be able to request for free the adaptation of the antenna of their building to avoid possible incidences.

And, on the other hand, a corrective procedure, after the stations are switched on, that arri800 will take care of the affected users by managing and resolving potential damages, also at no cost.

To manage these services, a free telephone service (900 833 999) and a website have been made available to citizens.