The Extraordinary Plenary Session of the Municipality of Rafal has approved this morning unanimously the request to the Provincial Council of Alicante to include in the Provincial Plan of Cooperation to the Works and Services of Municipal Competition for 2019, the reform of the central Plaza of Spain. A space that concentrates a large part of the activities and events that take place in the municipality. The mayor of Finance, Silvia Pastor, has indicated that “space is the meeting point of the municipality, as well as the place that hosts much of our agenda of activities, which is why it deserves to be renewed since more than twenty years ago that does not undergo any type of improvement “.

In the extraordinary session Pastor has given an account of the technical memory valued for the execution of the works. A document that will be sent to the provincial institution to be able to enter the convocation of this provincial aid plan. Regarding the cost of the works, the reports made by the Town Planning technicians, indicate that the actions would amount to 770,000 euros. An amount that as described by the mayor “is still not defined in a specific way exactly what is going to focus, but what we do have clear is that you have to change the pavement for one of higher quality and increase vegetation to provide more shadow this space. ”

In order for the square to be renovated to suit all residents of Rafal, the consistory plans to submit the project to a process of citizen participation. The mayor of Finance has indicated that “this place is a benchmark of the municipality and that is why its renewal can not be decided solely by the government team. We want the neighbors to express their wishes and that the place is a project of all and all. ” From the consistory, the people of Raphael will be informed of how to access and participate in this consultative process to maximize participation and that, with the contributions made, a renovation of the square will be carried out at the pleasure of all the neighbors.