Rafal is already part of the Network of Municipalities for Health of the Valencian Community. The director of the Public Health Center of Orihuela has handed over to the mayor of Rafal, Manuel Pineda, the certificate that certifies the accession to XarxaSalut and, with it, the commitment of the municipality to develop the actions of local health promotion framed in the IV Health Plan of the Valencian Community from an intersectoral, participatory and equity perspective.

The municipalities adhered to XarxaSalut contribute to the citizenship a commitment with the promotion of health, as well as the promotion of healthy habits. In addition, this procedure will allow the municipality to access grants that the Department of Universal Health and Public Health convene exclusively for these municipalities.

In addition, at the beginning of the month the resolution was published, updating the strategic plan of grants of the Department of Universal Health and Public Health for 2017-2019, to which Rafal may choose to be a municipality attached to the IV Health Plan. The economic aid will be destined to the development of projects oriented to elaborate participative diagnoses of needs and health problems, as well as to promote the physical activity in the local environment of Rafal in all the ages.

This step is a great step forward for Rafal and in turn allows the collaboration of the health institution with the municipal one, reinforcing the instructions of the professionals in an active way and collaborating in pointing out the lines of action on which to influence locally and that the neighbors are aware of the importance of some issues in this matter, essential for a healthy life.