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The City Council of Rafal will hire six people over 30 years of age through the Employment Promotion programs of SERVEF: EMCORP and EMCORD. The consistory has received an amount of 51,456 euros that together with the municipal contribution, will allow to continue with the reduction of unemployment and strengthen in turn some municipal work areas. In the coming weeks, the municipality will ask SERVEF for the list of unemployed who meet the requirements to start the process of receiving candidates and the subsequent evaluation for the final award.

The EMCORP program, arranged for the hiring of unemployed people over 30 years of age for six months, has awarded a total of 26,392.29 euros. An amount that will allow to offer three positions, one of sweeper, a pawn of masonry and a painter. All those who want to apply for these offers must be registered as unemployed in the SERVEF and request the occupations mentioned in the SERVEF center in Orihuela. The employees will perform tasks in the areas corresponding to their positions, an aspect that will allow to undertake with greater agility some of the projects of the consistory.

Within the EMCORD program, aimed at hiring unemployed people who have been the subject of a personalized work placement itinerary for half a year, Rafal received the sum of 25,064.46 euros. With this grant the local consistory will offer three more positions, one for masonry, one for gardening and another for sweeper. In addition to the requirements mentioned in the previous program, those interested in opting for these positions must justify their inclusion in a work itinerary.

The mayor of Employment, Noemí Cutillas, has been very happy about the allocation of this amount and has stressed that “these grants are an impetus for people who have been unemployed for a long time, an aspect that still makes them more important”. He indicated that “a few weeks ago we already celebrated the inclusion in the municipal staff of seven young people and now we are going to add six more employees that undoubtedly give us a more than positive result”. He also pointed out that, “as I have said on previous occasions, employment is a priority and we work to get subsidies and aid wherever they come to reduce the unemployment rate in our municipality.”