The City Council of Rafal has put its grain of sand in the educational project @Latecnomola that the IES Rafal carries out since last year. The local consistory has collaborated with the center in the acquisition of eight computers towers and eight UNO arduino kits to initiate students in computer programming. In this way, the City continues its support for this educational initiative that the institute of the municipality launched and has already achieved great success.

The mayor of the municipality, Manuel Pineda, the mayor of Education, Francisco García and the director of the center, Francisco Torregrosa, today presented this acquisition of material that undoubtedly favors the students of the center, as well as the project itself. Pineda highlighted “the effort that the Consistory has made to carry out the investment since we consider, from the beginning, that it is a program that is committed to a different educational method that dynamizes the theory and helps students to internalize the concepts more easily”. On the other hand, he pointed out that “daily life has evolved towards digitalization and this material contributes to the students knowing all the secrets of this technological process and innovation that surrounds us”.

For his part, the mayor of Education, Francisco García, has valued the work they do from the Technology Department of the center “innovate in the system of student learning is something very important that certainly gives value to the center and its students.”

The director of the center, Francisco Torregrosa, thanked the Consistory for the contribution made and the support that they have given to this educational project from the first moment.

@Latecnomola carries through the images, communication format with which today’s young people feel very comfortable, the curricular knowledge of the technology subject and the acquisition of the key competences that appear in the current education law LOMCE . The new material will allow us to continue with this transmission of concepts in a practical way and will allow students to manipulate these technological elements that are an essential ingredient today and, of course, in the future.