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The City Council of Rafal already has a professional meteorological observatory through which you can obtain all kinds of data. Its installation has been possible thanks to the agreement signed by the Rafael Consistory and the promoter of the MeteOrihuela project, Pedro José Gómez.

The installation of this meteorological station will allow to record precise data on temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, ultraviolet radiation index, solar radiation and precipitation, among other aspects. All these data can be consulted in real time through the website of the City Council of Rafal. In addition, they can see the daily, weekly and monthly evolution of the different meteorological variables, as well as a history of the accumulated data. With this installation, the municipality of Rafal becomes part of the network of meteorological stations that MeteOrihuela has placed in other municipalities such as Orihuela, Orihuela Costa (Playa Flamenca), Redován, Callosa de Segura, Almoradí, La Campaneta, Albatera, Catral and Guardamar del Segura

The installation of these devices favors the preparation of future climatological studies, and the verification of factors such as the influence of global warming in the Vega Baja region. This device will also be able to report singular phenomena, in case the citizens need to claim damages caused by some meteorological phenomenon.

The mayor of Environment, Alberto Hidalgo has indicated that “with the installation of this meteorological observatory the Raphaelians and Raphaelians can now access in real time all the factors related to time and even know long-term predictions; one more step for the benefit of the municipality and its neighbors. ” In this sense, Hidalgo has taken the opportunity to thank MeteOrihuela for having offered Rafal this opportunity and to be part of this network of meteorological stations “to learn about the evolution of time and have reliable long-term data on the municipality”, assured the mayor.