If you reside in a rental house, check the requirements and procedures to apply for the rent assistance program for young people under this age. Its objective is to favor housing of this type and facilitate youth emancipation and their life alone.

The subsidies will benefit both the young population and the rest. In the case of the population over 35 years, the bonus will be 40% with a maximum of 2,880 euros per year and up to 50% if all members of the coexistence unit are over 65 years.

In the case of young people under 35, the bonus will be up to 50% of the rental income. Persons over 35 who are dependent may also be part of the cohabitation unit.

The grant period will include the rental receipts from January 1 to December 31, 2018.

For more information you can check the website of the Generalitat Valenciana or go to the Department of Social Services of the City of Rafal. You can check the website of the Generalitat Valenciana.