The Holy Week of Rafal already has designated the person who this year, on the morning of Easter Sunday, will be responsible for opening La Graná, the most unique act of these celebrations in the municipality and an appointment that is reserved to the City Council, that for a while has been done through a raffle among people over 18 who were born in Rafal or who have been registered for five years. Dolores Esquiva Guirao will be in charge this year of showing this honor. This rafaleña, born on October 7, 1945, is married since 1970 with Francisco Clemente Javaloyes, she is the mother of four children and has six grandchildren. It is linked to Holy Week through the Brotherhood of the Virgin of Los Dolores, of which it is a part, and has dedicated all his life to embroidery. In many houses of Rafal are stored the elaborate goods by the Carrier of La Graná 2018, and their work can also be seen in the pallids of the Virgin of The Dolores and the Loneliness.

His official appointment took place last Friday in the Plenary Hall, after the draw held on Monday, February 12, and on March 17, Dolores Esquiva Guirao will receive the staff of this position at the hands of his predecessor, José Bartolomé Ruiz Mompeán. It will be in the act where the Proclamation of Holy Week and the Concert organized also by this celebration. The Carrier of La Graná has been “very excited to hold this position” as it is a tradition deeply rooted in Rafal.

The mayor of Rafal, Manuel Pineda, congratulated him on his appointment on behalf of all the people of Raphael and Raphael and in the presence of the family of Dolores Esquiva, who did not want to miss that moment. Pineda assured that “without a doubt Dolores knows what it means for someone who was born and lived in Rafal to take charge of opening our Graná, and we are happy that he received the appointment with such enthusiasm. No doubt he will live a Holy Week as intense as all of his life, but a little more special than fits. “