Ntra. Sra. de los Dolores

The image dates from remote times. It was the first image, after the patroness, that the Marquis of Rafal lords contributed to the parish.

The Holy Week of Rafal has always been involved with the celebration of a Septenary, corresponding to each of the seven daggers that break her heart, and the song of the Sorrows of the Virgin, spiritual meditation, before the procession parade in the That the women of the town, covered in black robes, accompany her in her pain.

Being the only religious image that was not destroyed in the locality, it had the honor to replace the image of the “Virgin of the Rosary” in the procession of “La Graná”.

During the 50’s, the brotherhood of “Ntra. Mrs. of the Sorrows “formed part as indispensable element of two processions. One took place the afternoon of Palm Sunday, and next to the young brotherhood of San Juan, it formed the beautiful procession called “the mantillas”. And the other is the Holy Thursday procession next to the image of “Ntro. Father Jesus the Nazarene “after the” meeting “took place.

In 1947 formed the brotherhood of the “Virgin of Sorrows” that closes the procession of the “Holy Burial” on the night of Holy Saturday. This image is accompanied by their cofrades adorned with the classic Spanish mantilla.

Today, his face takes a look at every person who comes to the Septenary to share with her the pain of the Passion, as well as the hope of the Resurrection. “The Virgin of Sorrows” comes the Holy Saturday night ending the “Holy Burial”, as well as the procession in which the image advances, under pallium, after his Son.