Rafal will celebrate the 3rd graffiti contest “Arte Urbano Weekend” on September 7th. The artistic meeting is oriented in this edition to the promotion of the cleanliness of the municipality under the slogan “Keep Rafal clean”. The participants, whose age must be between 14 and 30 years old, can register in any of the two categories, letters or characters, individually or in pairs. To formalize your registration, applicants must submit a sketch that reflects the theme indicated before September 4. In addition, they will have to fill out the form in which all personal data are collected and present a photocopy of the DNI. This information can be acquired on the website of the consistory (www.rafal.es) or at the municipal offices themselves. Once completed, it must be deposited at the City Council registration window or sent by certified mail to this same organization.

All the sketches presented must be original, in color and reflect the care and respect of the different community spaces of Rafal. The work will be reproduced in A4 and in no case will it be allowed to contain political, obscene or xenophobic contents. The Consistory will be in charge of facilitating the ‘sprays’ to the participants, who will have to adjust the work to the delivered colors. If you want to add more, you may do so, although the extra material will be paid for on your own. The works will be made in the blinds designed for this purpose, awarded by the Youth Council, which is why participants must adjust to the assigned space. Prior to the start of the development of graffiti, participants will present their ID and sign the acceptance of the bases to ensure a smooth running of the event. Once the criteria are accepted, any breach will be grounds for disqualification by the jury.

The contest will start at 2:00 p.m. and end at 8:00 p.m., at which time the prizes will be evaluated and awarded. The evaluation of the works will be carried out by a jury made up of staff from the City Council of Rafal and professionals from the cultural field who will value the originality, the artistic quality and the difficulty of execution of each of the graffiti. The contest will award 200 euros to the first classified, 100 euros to the second and 50 euros to the third.

The mayor of Youth, Noemí Cutillas, has indicated that “after the success of the first two editions from the City Council we have returned to bet on this activity that unites art and values.” He stressed that “we believe it is very important to instill in young people the importance of keeping our municipality clean and at the same time offer them activities that are attractive for their age range”. He also noted that “I encourage all young people of Rafal and the region to participate in this graffiti contest and I remember that the contest limits participation to 12 applicants so if they are clear that they do not wait and join this great initiative”.

If you are owner of a blind, and want to decorate it for free, participate in the Urban Art Day, making your free registration for the III Graffiti Contest before September 4.