The municipality of Rafal has increased its workforce by seven employees thanks to the employment promotion programs for the hiring of young people EMPUJU and EMCUJU, co-financed by the European Social Fund. This initiative, framed within the National Youth Guarantee System, aims to encourage the hiring of young people within the scope of local entities and offer them the opportunity to accumulate experience and acquire new skills for the future.

The Consistory will count until August 2019 with a total of seven young people in different jobs. Thanks to the EMPUJU program and the amount of 61,987.80 euros, the City Council has hired on the one hand 4 young people, an administrative assistant, two masons and a gardener. They are joined by the three hired through the EMCUJU program, which will occupy the posts of sound technician, architect and administrative. The young beneficiaries already know the tasks they are going to develop and have started their working days, an aspect that has allowed the consistory to carry out the scheduled work and to carry out pending issues in the municipality.

The mayor of Employment, Noemí Cutillas, stressed that “thanks to these grants, co-financed by the European Social Fund, the municipality has been able to strengthen some areas of work of the City and in turn we have offered a great job opportunity to those hired.” In this sense Cutillas explained that “when young people finish their contract they will have accumulated work experience, an aspect that reinforces their curriculum in order to look for another job in the near future”.

As for the work that young people are going to do, they are to reinforce the conditioning and parks and municipal gardens with a gardener, the administrative will contribute to the management of the municipal procedures and the two masons will take care of carrying out defects or repairs necessary in buildings and public areas. On the other hand, the architect will reinforce the Department of Urbanism and the sound technician will perform transversal functions so that the municipal agencies have electronic devices ready. The mayor of Employment has stated that “the increase in the template allows that from the consistory work can be executed more quickly, and also can expand some objectives because the number of staff is greater.”

From the City Council of Rafal “we are very satisfied with the number of contracted and therefore we will continue working to receive all the possible help in employment matters so that every time the number of unemployed is lower and our young people can evolve professionally and work “Cutillas pointed out.