Rafal is one of the few municipalities in the Vega Baja that increases its number of inhabitants year after year. In total there are more than 200 people who in recent years have decided to choose the municipality of Rafael to live. “In Rafal people of 22 nationalities coexist and this is thanks to the quality of life we ​​enjoy in our town, the price of housing or social coverage, among other issues,” said the mayor, Manuel Pineda. The first mayor also highlighted the geographical location of Rafal “in the center of the region and a step away from the large population centers as well as the coast,” he said.

In particular, in 2015 there were 4,167 people in Rafal, in 2016 the register rose to 4,218 and as of December 31, 2017 there were 4,443 registered people.

For the mayor of Rafal, these data “show that Rafal is a welcoming town and that we are doing things in the right direction”. The municipality has inhabitants that come from Ecuador, Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Georgia, among others. “We have great diversity to be such a small town and this has to make us happy,” said Pineda, adding that “as the municipality grows this will also be in the municipal coffers and will be good for all of us who live here.”

Likewise, of the total registered inhabitants there are 2,225 male and 2218 female. In addition, the total number of foreigners registered in Rafal has increased to 699 people.