The mayor, Manuel Pineda, presented this morning, together with the mayor of Celebrations, Yolanda Leal and Manuel Frías Estaras and Antonio Pastor Martínez, representatives of the Festival Committee, the program of activities prepared for the Patron Saint Festivities in honor of the Virgin Rosary. A wide range of events for all ages that will take place over several weekends, highlighting the fourth edition of the Gastronomic Days, the different parades that will tour the streets of the municipality and endless activities that will end on October 9.

After the proclamation of the queens of the Fiestas, Ainhoa ​​Bretons and María González, Rafal has started a busy schedule of activities that shape their Major Festivals. Among the acts to be highlighted is the celebration this Sunday 23 of the IV edition of the Gastronomic Days of Rafal. An appointment that offers neighbors and visitors the opportunity to taste typical dishes of spoon made by the Association of Women of Rafal. This festive day will be completed with the Grand Prix, a fun test tour located at the municipal sports center where all the comparsas will participate, as well as anyone interested in spending a fun afternoon.

On the last weekend of September the central events of the Festivities will begin with the exaltation of Festive Charges, the Proclamation, the Coronation of the Queens and Ladies and the Flower Offering in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary. Although the most important acts will focus on the first week of October. In these days, the municipality will celebrate the Toma del Castillo, the Multicolor Parade, the Parade of Cheap Houses and the most important one, that of Moors and Christians. Nor will the liturgical acts that will honor the patron saint and in which the Rafaleños will show their fervor to the Virgin. The activities will conclude on October 9 with the traditional paellas, an event of brotherhood that will put an end to these great holidays.

The mayor highlighted the intense work that has been carried out to offer parties to the liking of all neighbors and took the opportunity to apologize to all for the possible inconvenience that may be caused by the holidays and thank their understanding so that these can be celebrated. For its part, the Councilor of Celebrations Yolanda Leal, influenced “the great participation, as there are acts prepared for all ages from the smallest to the oldest.” He also highlighted the collaboration of both the Festival Commission and all the people involved to make all the events take place and invited all residents of Rafal and the whole region to enjoy these festivities under an atmosphere of respect and harmony. Also, Pineda thanked the participation of supporters clubs and comparsas, as well as all the neighbors so that the parties are carried out with total splendor.