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Rafal has received a total of 80,931.98 euros from the Provincial Council of Alicante to carry out several reforms in the municipality. The local consistory presented to the provincial body three key actions to be carried out in areas such as the sports center, the Plaza de la Parrala and a parking lot in the municipality. Three projects that undoubtedly represent a great improvement for the town and consequently for all the people of Raphael and Raphael.

In the first place, works will be carried out in the Plaza de la Constitución, known as the Parrala. In this project, fences will be placed in the tree nurseries to protect the personal transit of the plantations in the flowerbeds. To do this, several floral species will be planted with the aim of delimiting in a colorful and practical way these small garden areas. These actions will cost 3,232.86 euros.

Improvements will also be made to existing plumbing installations in the locker rooms of the municipal pavilion and the football field in order to propose solutions. To carry out these actions, the Consistory will allocate 55,391.86 euros of the subsidy received.

Another project that will be carried out with this heading will be the green area and the parking lot located at Avda. La Paz, on the corner of the Carolinas road. The purpose of this action is to improve the parking of a green area and reorganize its space, a project that will amount to 22,307 euros.

The mayor of the municipality, Manuel Pineda, has shown great satisfaction for the amount received by the provincial institution and has indicated that “the actions will be carried out in the coming months with the aim of undertaking these three necessary projects in the field of work in the municipality”. He pointed out that “once the actions are finished, the residents of Rafal will be able to enjoy these improvements that have no other objective than their welfare and the improvement of our municipality.”