The City Council of Rafal will have a Universal Accessibility Plan that will serve as a tool to suppress existing architectural barriers, while setting the guidelines to be taken into account in new actions to avoid accessibility problems. The councilors of Urbanism and Citizen Participation, Silvia Pastor and Noemí Cutillas respectively, have been commissioned to present the project, which will have a process of citizen participation in which citizens can make their own contributions.

Silvia Pastor has reported that the objective of the Universal Accessibility Plan is to adapt the environment “so that all people can use it freely and autonomously”, so that the The tasks to be carried out will be, first of all, the evaluation of accessibility levels in a specific space and from there, the actions necessary to adapt it will be defined. He The resulting document “will provide the main lines of action to be applied in the main streets of Rafal as well as in buildings for public use in the medium and long term,” he said. specified the councilor. Rafal has been able to implement this plan through a grant that the Department of Urbanism requested the Provincial Council of Alicante, through which granted the municipality 4,015 euros for the preparation of the document that has been developed with a company “specializing in projects to eliminate barriers and improve accessibility to the physical environment, “said Pastor. The plan consists of two phases, the elaboration phase in which we are working at the moment, and the second phase, which will involve the implementation in the streets and the buildings of the guidelines that are indicated.

Citizen participation
On the other hand, Noemí Cutillas has explained that process of citizen participation that will be coupled with the Universal Accessibility Plan. The mayor recalled that although it is the technicians who they decide whether or not they can carry out different actions, “from the government team we want to know what our neighbors think and their priorities.” For that, a Presentation of the Accessibility Plan proposal in the City Hall Exhibition Hall next Thursday, January 25 at 8:00 p.m. “, to which associations, collectives and all the people of Raphael and Raphael who want to know this performance “.

From there, contributions can be transferred to the City Council through proposals sheets that will be made available to neighbors, the municipal WhatsApp, and the Citizen Mailbox of the
Consistory website, at which time the technicians will go to study the proposals to determine whether or not they are viable. Finally, with all the information collected and the technical work
In fact, the aforementioned plan will be presented in order to start it.