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The City Council of Rafal continues with the necessary procedures to execute the Edificant Plan in the municipality and undertake improvements in the CEIP Trinitario Seva worth 1.9 million euros. The Governing Board approved a few days ago the specifications for the awarding of the services of drafting, control, supervision and facultative direction of the works of adaptation and reform of the school. With this step and after the presentation of the needs report, the consistory complies with the steps set by the Ministry of Education, as well as with the deadlines established to make this project, which is so necessary for the municipality, a reality. The reform actions are valued at 1,900,000 euros and will be executed in three annuities, 2018, for an amount of 57,000 euros and 2019 and 2020 with an amount of 907,000 euros. To this budget is added the reference to technical assistance amounting to 109,831 euros.

The mayor of Education, Francisco García, explained that “with this procedure we continue with this project and we meet the deadlines so that the execution of the works is carried out within the planned.” With reference to the following procedures, he indicated that “after the bidding of the project and construction management, the next step will be the bidding of the companies that will carry out the works”. Regarding the execution periods, it has been reported that “the specifications include the completion of the works during vacation periods to interfere as little as possible with the school activity”.

As indicated in the technical report, the actions contemplated are the energy improvement with the replacement of carpentry and glass; installation of external insulation; heating improvements to reach all parts of the center; improvements in the toilets; replacement of ceilings in the classrooms; reform of the electrical installation and interior carpentry, as well as the cover for insulation and ventilation. In the exterior part, the improvement of the accessibility of the center and the widening of the sidewalks of the street are foreseen to facilitate access to the school both inside and outside. The renovation of the exterior fencing, as well as the replacement of fiber cement roofs in changing rooms and the covered area of ​​the patio. Finally, the cracks in the sports courts will be eliminated so that they are completely renewed for the use of the students. “This intervention in the center will allow a modernization of the facilities and an improvement in the conditions where students receive their classes daily,” said García.