Rafal will reduce the IBI by 50% to single-parent families. The measure, approved in the last Extraordinary Plenary, modifies the Fiscal Ordinance related to this tax to benefit the neighbors in this situation. The bonus will be applied to the house of habitual residence and where the beneficiary is registered. To access this rebate applicants must meet the conditions and perform the relevant procedures in the premises of the Consistory. The bonus, in addition, will be compatible with the discount established for the Official Protection Housing (VPO) in case the applicant meets both characteristics. The Councilor for Finance, Silvia Pastor, has indicated that “this measure aims to provide facilities and contribute to improving the quality of life of single-parent families.” At the same time, he pointed out that “we wanted that, just as they have rewards in other areas, they should also have them in their closest environment, our municipality.”

Neighbors who want to access the bonus must complete the procedures and meet the requirements detailed in the ordinance. Among these requirements, it is detailed that the descendant is younger than 21 years old, although it may be extended to 25 if they study university or higher professional training. They can also choose those family units in which any of the members have a disability equal to or greater than 33% or have a recognized disability to work regardless of age. It will also be essential that the son or daughter coexist with the ascendant and depend economically on him. The application process will be carried out in the municipality of Rafal and for this it will be necessary to provide all the documentation that proves compliance with the detailed requirements. From the Consistory will resolve and address all questions that applicants may have during the administrative process or issuance of supporting documents.

Pastor has insisted that “this reduction is another step that shows that from the Consistory the most important thing is the welfare of citizens. It also demonstrates the relevance that social values ​​have for this government team, since they are the future in any field or project. ” He also stressed that “with this new procedure, the reductions continue, since previously they were also applied to large families”.