The City Council of Rafal yesterday closed in an Extraordinary Plenary several issues that will be key for the future realization of actions in the municipality, such as the adhesion to the Health Plan of the Valencian Community or the acceptance of the delegation of powers of the Plan Edificant for the realization of important improvement works in the Seva Trinitario College of the town.

The Councilor for Finance, Silvia Pastor, explained that the liquidation of the 2017 budget was presented to the corporate session. Figures that closed last year with a favorable balance of 167,000 euros and left a positive surplus in the municipality of 48,000. The figures, already approved by the Mayor’s Decree, were presented to the Ministry and are carried out thanks to the technical support provided by the Provincial Council of Alicante to Rafal. Pastor stressed that “these figures make us more relaxed at the economic level and also reflect the great effort we are making from the area of ​​Finance.”

With the approval of the correction of the Program of Aid for the renewal of outdoor lighting, the municipality continues the procedures with the Government of Spain to obtain this subsidy that is part of a project valued at 300,000 euros and which aims to change the LED type luminaires and thus contribute to saving and sustainability. “The modifications represent a further step for the achievement of this project and we understand that when it receives them, the Ministry will be fully involved in the resolution.”

The Plenary also supported the accession to the IV Health Plan of the Valencian Community. Rafal thus becomes, together with Guardamar, pilot municipality of this project in the Vega Baja. As explained by the spokesman of the Government Team, Francisco Jesús García “with this initiative we want to carry out activities for our neighbors and thus improve their quality of life and the services related to this matter”. Garcia added that “although we still have to define the activities, we will bet on diversity and always thinking about the people”.

In the same way, the delegation of powers of the Edificant Plan was given free rein to continue with the necessary procedures for the reform of the Trinitario Seva CEIP. In this way, Rafal will be able to start up the necessary procedure for the execution of the works valued at 1.9 million euros and that will renovate the educational center in its entirety, some works that will be made with charge to the coffers of the Generalitat Valenciana . The last of the points discussed in the plenary session was the approval of the proposal to request the Provincial Council a nominative grant that will be allocated to the implementation of a Sociocultural Center in the municipality.