Rafal already has the autoservef ATM, a tool already installed in the LABORA centers (formerly SERVEF), aimed at facilitating users who do not have access to the Internet. This service allows to increase the effectiveness and efficiency in the management, through a personalized participation of the user, providing greater agility to the fulfillment of the proposed objectives.

This is intended to promote territorial cohesion, reducing existing imbalances and favoring equal access for citizens of the Valencian Community to public services. The aforementioned system allows the user to perform numerous procedures that are usually managed in the LABORA centers, telematically, without the need to travel to the center itself. Among other options, it allows the consultation of job offers and training courses, as well as applying for self-candidacy.

Likewise, the AUTOSERVEF is able to generate certificates, the DARDE and manage the appointments to the users in the LABORA centers (Before SERVEF), facilitating and speeding up these procedures on-line.

LABORA will incorporate, in a progressive way, other functionalities to the AUTOSERVEF, so that they are also available in the terminals deployed in the town halls.