Next Monday, February 27, at 09:00 hours, will take place the Sweepstakes Sweepstakes Sweepstakes 2017, in the plenary hall of the town hall.

According to the Basis of the Regulation of Honors and Distinctions of the Exalted City of Rafal, in its chapter IX: Of the bearers of “La Graná”, in Article 16.

1.- The title of bearer of “La Graná” will be chosen at random, by means of a public draw made before the Secretary of the Corporation, among the neighbors born in the municipality of Rafal or residing in the More than 5 years and are of legal age. In the draw, a holder and three alternates will be chosen in case one of them resign.

2.- Neighbors born in the municipality and who are not registered and wish to participate in the public draw must notify it by request in the Town Hall register, enclosing the birth certificate.

3.- The designated person must undertake to participate in all the acts of the holy week to which the Mayor invites him.

4.- The chosen “bearer” of “La Graná” will be registered in the Register of Honors and Distinctions of the City of Rafal.