Rafal has delivered different decorations and special mentions to personalities and public employees of the municipality, as well as or other entities in the region. The badges were approved unanimously in plenary session on December 10 and were delivered at a public event in which a brilliant concert later took place in charge of the Orquesta Ciudad de Orihuela.

The list of honorees has been headed by Pedro Maciá Castillo, justice of the peace of the municipality who has received the honorary medal of the Villa de Rafal for the work done during his twenty-five years of work. This medal was also awarded to the sergeant of the Civil Guard of Callosa de Segura, Mariano González Muñoz, who, after collecting this award, highlighted the work carried out by this unit with the Local Police of Rafal and highlighted “the predisposition shown by the post local so that the citizen security is a primordial premise in the day to day of the municipality “.

During the ceremony, two special mentions were also delivered. In the first place, to the main post of the Civil Guard of Callosa de Segura for his perseverance in fulfilling the duties under his charge and for constituting an exemplary conduct. The Citizen Security Unit (USECIC) of the Second Company of the Civil Guard of Torrevieja has also been recognized for the support it provides to the Local Police in the reduction of vandalism and large bottles, especially during the festivities.

The list of awards has culminated with the delivery of the gold pin and silver pin to public employees for their years of service to the Rafal City Council and its neighbors. They have received the gold distinction Ms. Rosario García Martínez, Ms. Manuela Martínez Sesé, Ms. Concepción Salazar García, Mr. Francisco José García Albero and Ms. Yolanda Alonso Marco. The silver pin has been given to Mrs. María Luisa Menargues Manresa, Mr. Luciano Enrique Moreno Santiago, Ms. Dolores Carmen López Monpeán. Mr. Antonio Joaquín Serrano Martínez, Mr. Francisco Javier Navarro López and Mr. Daniel Arques Griñán.

The act was attended by the mayor of the municipality and the rest of the municipal corporation who presented the different recognitions according to the area of ​​belonging of the honorees. The mayor of the municipality, Manuel Pineda, has highlighted “the great work of all the people honored, as well as their great capacity for work and commitment in each of their positions; working surrounded by these people is without a doubt a privilege and a great engine for the municipality to work day by day “.